Issue 12

Issue 12


Issue 12 of ULTRA is 100 pages long, and filled with stories of adventure, freedom, endurance and community. Tales of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It starts with runner Robbie Britton describing his and Dan Lawson’s attempt to break the record for running the 650km Jordan Trail, moves to America where James Elson and John Melbourne attack the Barkley Marathons and the Monument Valley 50 respectively; visits Belgium where runners Joost Mulders and Astrid Claessen become filmmakers and create a documentary about the Legends Trail series, and then gets to the UK where Christo Bland captures stories from the hellish Tunnel race.

Along the way we read an interview with the excellent US runner Camille Herron, about ways of dealing with niggles, about overtraining syndrome and relative energy deficiency in sport, about coping with difficulties by becoming a ‘happy runner’, and all sorts of other articles – and everything is either pure ultra running or, we think, very interesting reading for ultra runners. Not an Iron man in sight.

Made in the UK by ultra runners, printed and bound in London. Yours for less than £10. Not far off the price of a pack of 20 cigarettes, but significantly healthier and longer-lasting.

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