Issue 11

Issue 11


Issue Eleven is 100 pages long, and filled with stories of adventure and endurance. Tales of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It starts with documentary-maker Adrian Howell's story of filming an ultra runner, and gradually being drawn into the world until he ran an ultra himself; and it finishes with an article by Katie Kaars-Sijpesteijn that asks why relatively few women run ultras.

Along the way we hear a moving recollection of a summer Transcon, a traverse of the USA, by Lazarus Lake; a witty case for why we might run a 24-hour track race, and examines some 'type-2 fun' with Vassos Alexander having a go at his first Mountain Marathon partnered with the indomitable Stuart Smith. We look at mindfulness with American ultra-running writer Gary Dudney, what it takes to run the multi-day Transalpine Run with a partner, ask why a non-ultra runner would consider the longer run, discuss various runners' experiences with running through the night, and profile the often overlooked heroes of ultra running - the volunteers. Along the way we visit races like the Cheviot Goat, Manaslu, the Lighthouse 100, Transgrancanaria and more. How do we fit it all in?

It's the best issue yet, and yours for less than £10. Not far off the price of a pack of 20 cigarettes, but significantly healthier and longer-lasting.

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