We made it to issue 10! Whoever would have thought it, back in 2015 when we began this little venture. We were determined to show ultra running, particularly UK ultra running, at its best, and over the last three years we’ve published some amazing stories and beautiful images from the extraordinary people involved with our sport.

To celebrate the tenth issue of ULTRA we have two covers, both by UK photographer Stuart March. Stu has been a supporter of this magazine since before its inception, providing sample photographs for the pre-production covers, and generally been legendary since. So it’s fitting that we should feature two of his photographs now, 10 issues on. In order to celebrate our anniversary issue, we've chosen two different cover shots which really show the human side of ultra-running - of pushing yourself to your limits and beyond. We won’t be able to allow customers to choose between the two covers, but do swap with others if you have a particular favourite.