Hangman Ultra 2019

Hangman Ultra 2019


The fourth annual Hangman Ultra will take place on Saturday August 17th 2019. 

As in previous years the race will be low-key, with a great family atmosphere. The course is a beautiful out-and-back, 54km in total with generous cut-offs. We are, in short, excited, and we hope you are too.

At a glance info:

  • Distance: 54km (around 33 miles)

  • 100 runner limit

  • Race date: 17th August 2019

  • Organiser: ULTRA magazine

  • Website address: ultra-magazine.com

  • Race director: Andy Nuttall

  • Race HQ location: Longparish Village Hall, Longparish, Andover, SP11 6PB (map)

  • Checkpoint locations – each with limited car parking facilities for supporters: CP1/CP3: The George and Dragon, Hurstbourne Tarrant (map) / CP2: Combe Gibbet (map)

  • Route link: GPS track (right-click and select download file)

  • Runner car parking location: Longparish Village Hall car park, opposite the village hall – signposted and marshalled

Detailed info:

1. Updates
The details in this email are accurate as at the date of writing, However, some information may change a little before race day. This will be highlighted during the pre-race briefing.

2. Event schedule/cut-offs
Registration is open on Saturday morning from 07:00 to 08:30. There will be a race briefing at 08:45 in the hall at Race HQ, and then we will all walk the short distance to the race start area. Race start is at 09:00. Please bring your mandatory kit to race registration, you will not be able to register without it.

3. Getting to the start/what happens at the end
There will be parking at the Longparish Village Hall, post code SP11 6PB, with enough room for around 40 cars if you park sensibly and close to each other. The parking space can be seen here. It is across the road from the village hall and will be signposted/marshalled.

Runners may leave their bags inside the hall for the duration of the race, at their own risk. There will be race staff present at Race HQ at all times, and Longparish is a quiet village, but the organiser accepts no liability for items that go missing or get damaged unless by direct action from one of its staff. Please label the bags with your race bib number.

The hall is available from Friday evening at 7pm for those who wish to sleep over, for a nominal fee of £5 (which will go to the village hall fund). You will need to bring your own sleeping bag/pillow/bed roll etc.

Please consider how tired you will be following the race. If you finish at 7pm after running for 10 hours, be careful getting home. If friends or family can come and pick you up that’s great, but if you’re intending to drive yourself home then please be responsible. The hall is also available Saturday night for anyone who wishes to sleep over, again for £5.

4. Food
During the race you are encouraged to carry some food that you know you will like and you have eaten during training. However, checkpoints 1, 2 and 3 will be well-stocked with water and Coca-cola, plus a selection of the following types of snacks:

Flapjacks / Brownies / Biscuits / Crisps / Jelly Babies / Bananas / Oranges / Watermelon / Salted Peanuts / Malt loaf / Pork pies / Mars bars / Twix

Each checkpoint will have a bottle of hand gel ready on the way in, you are encouraged to use it before you dip your hands in the Jelly Babies and nuts!

Hot food (suitable for both vegetarians and omnivores) will be provided to participants at the finish on production of your race number.

5. The Course
The course follows The Test Way trail, which is marked with posts and signs. Fingerposts are often marked with the words ‘TEST WAY’, and you will often see the distinctive green arrow with the letters TW marked. Most of the signs are obvious and apparent; others are more obscured so you need to keep your wits about you and keep your eyes open. We will be marking the course well using red and white plastic tape and ULTRA-branded arrows, and any areas of ambiguity will be well-covered with our signage so it should be straightforward to follow.

6. Country code
Ultra Evolution (the publisher of ULTRA magazine) is a responsible company, and we try to pay respect to the landscape on which we run, and the communities that live around it and use it. Local parishes and landowners have been informed that you are coming and will welcome you.

7. Mandatory Kit
The Hangman Ultra takes place in August, and as such the weather is likely to be relatively mild. The race is almost all on trail and therefore does have hazards such as stony tracks and tractor tyre treads which can easily turn an ankle and end a race. It’s also very long! Even though you may have completed races of 50 miles or longer, do pay respect to the 50K distance – it’s still a long way and if you get pacing or nutrition/hydration wrong, or you pack minimal kit and the weather turns bad, you could be in for a rough time.

With that in mind, we have a small MANDATORY kit list as follows:

  • At least 1 litre of water in either bottles or bladder

  • Fully charged mobile phone containing the numbers for the race director and the paramedic

  • Waterproof jacket

However, we RECOMMEND that you carry more than this, for example:

  • Route map – hard copy

  • Survival blanket or bag

  • Whistle

  • Base layer – although it’s August it *could* get quite cold and blowy in some of the more exposed areas of the land

If you feel the cold, consider bringing a hat and gloves just in case.

8. Injuries/time-outs
Car transport will be in place for timed-out/injured runners from CP1, CP2 and CP3 back to Race HQ.  Please be prepared for a wait, though. The race director is qualified in 8-hour Outdoor Emergency Action First Aid, and ITC Level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work (QCF) and we will have a dedicated mobile paramedic on call throughout the duration of the race.

Please help other runners if you see them in distress during the race.

9. Medals/Trophies
A medal will be given to every participant who finishes within the 10-hour time limit and a trophy will be awarded to the winning male and female runner.

10. Miscellaneous rules
Spectators are welcome to bring dogs on leads. However, no dogs are allowed in the village hall.

This will be a very friendly race and there should be no issues as long as everyone reads and plays by the small number of rules.

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