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ULTRA informs new and existing runners of races around the world via passionate stories and stunning photographs that show off the wonderful landscapes upon which we run. It has race reports and interesting commentaries written by ultra runners, and looks forward to events coming in the next couple of months. There are race times from recent events, and even a few pages about how people can better look after themselves with a little coaching, nutrition and medical advice.

ULTRA is welcoming of everyone, whether they’re elites or people just thinking about taking part. Or even family and friends of ultra runners who don’t yet understand the sport. It is something beautiful and informative that I hope we’ll all be proud of.

One thing ULTRA will never be is standard. You won’t find the same old rehashed stories month after month, year after year. This magazine is created by the community, for the community; and by reading it, commenting, perhaps writing an article or taking some pictures, you will help shape its future.


Issue 11

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